HDMI 2.0

HDMI 2.0 Hybrid Active Optical Cable (AOC) 50m CENTERA E04006HMFL050




■ 仕様
・HDMI 2.0 (4K60P 4:4:4) 対応
・UHD BD対応、HDR対応、HDCP 2.2対応
・伝送速度 18Gbps
・最長150mまで製作可能 (150mを超える長さのケーブルにつきましては、別途お問い合わせください。)

■ 概要
HDMI2.0ハイブリッドAOC(Active Optical Cable)は、機器間の設置場所が離れている場合でも、用いられている高度な光ファイバー技術により最大6Gbps(1チャンネルあたり)×3のデーダレートで優れた映像品質でのHDMI接続を実現します。

■ 特記

■ General Description
The product of HDMI 2.0 hybrid AOC has advanced optical fiber technology to extend the high-speed HDMI link length over 100-feets at data rate running up to 6-Gbps per channel (HDMI2.0) with superior image quality. This AOC is extremely easy to use for users with just plug-and-play to HDMI connector and very low power with no external power plug needed. In addition, unlike the heavy and inflexible property via traditional copper cables, the notable fiber technology brings the benefits with not only longer distance,but zero-loss and high-quality resolution, light cable weight, flexible and ultra-small bending radius of only 57-mm. This HDMI Active Hybrid Cable can be widely deployed in home theater, convention center, outdoor advertising or broadcasting, and so on, for high-definition video & audio display applications.

■ Special Note
・ To keep system working properly, always connect the cable “Source” end toward A/V source devices such as DVD player…etc. and always connect the cable “Display” end toward A/V sink devices such as TV...etc.
・ This cable doesn’t support HEAC (HDMI Ethernet and Audio Return Channel).

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